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Macro to Micro Design Competition

 One Competition, Two Challenges:

Macro to Micro is one competition divided into two independent challenges linked by an overriding theme. Participants will have the option of either joining one or both challenges, depending on their preference.

The Macro Challenge:

The first challenge is the ‘Macro Living Revolution’. In this challenge participants will focus on the city scale. There has been a conflict over the years between manmade vs nature. As we become increasingly urbanised, we are asked to expand our footprint at the expense of surrounding natural landscapes. This challenge looks back at the ‘Garden City’ ideas and projects them into today’s context. We ask creatives to engage with the idea of urban vs landscape and imagine a future where the boundaries are blurred into a new paradigm of living where urbanism and wilderness are intertwined as one ecological system. The site for this challenge is a green field area just a few miles outside of Manchester, UK.

 The Micro Challenge:

The second challenge is the ‘Micro Living Revolution’. In this challenge, participants are asked to engage with the human scale and in particular reimagine a new typology of housing. This competition is a re-contextualization of the experiments which were pioneered by creative visionaries of the mid-20th century in California, outcomes of which have become known as the ‘Case Study Houses’. In addition to seeking out contemporary strategies of building homes through modern or innovative technologies and materials, we ask participants to develop designs which in themselves are embedded within the landscapes and wildlife which they occupy.

Competition Schedule:

Competition Opens: 26th February 2018

Early Bird Fees change to Standard Fees: 12th March

Standard Fees change to Late Bloomer Fees: 21st May

Registration Closes / Submission Deadline: 4th June 11:00am (UK Time)

Public Voting Opens: 6th June

Winners and Awarded Notified: 2ndJuly

Official Awards Presentation hosted by BETA Housing Manchester 2018: 12th July

Exhibition hosted by BETA Housing Manchester 2018: 12th July

Competition Jury:

 – Adam Vickers (Managing Director of Squareyard Landscape Architecture)

– Wayne Hemingway (Chairman at CABE and Founder of Hemingway Design)

– Max Farrell (Senior Partner at Farrells)

– Lisa Kinch (Associate Architect at Farrells and Lecturer at Manchester School of Architecture)

– Katy Lock (Policy Manager at Garden Cities and New Towns, Town and Country Planning Association)

– Steve Sheen (Housing Strategy and Partnerships Manager at Manchester City Council)

– Andrea Verenini (Founder, Eleven)


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